• Yoga detox center in Phuket

  • Hello! Please allow me to share some details about the LanaYogaPhuket retreat program with you:

    Let me start by that I have worked with my team to develop the most intensive and effective program whilst making it interesting and a fantastic fit holiday experience.

    We have two types of accommodation retreats:

    The villa (with swimming pool) and the apartments. The villa is located in the Kata hills, among the huge natural jungle and palm trees, clean air flows with singing birds, a definite bonus if you decide to plunge into the spiritual practices and body cleaning procedures. Kata Beach is 5-minutes drive, Karon Beach, 8 minutes. We can arrange for you to be dropped off an picked up at the beaches and of course, we will gladly help with the rental car or motorbike if you have a need for this. The apartments are based in Chalong in the famous fitness street of Phuket called Soi Tai Iad. Every day there are delicious raw and vegetarian meals consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is unlimited supply of cooled distilled water, with lemon and healthy flower petals. And of course, the most delicious Thai fruits. All dishes are made according to my original recipes, the most useful and delicious combinations of vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs and grasses. You will taste the most incredible organic smoothies, salads, rolls and more. The program will include: Cleaning procedures - Shatkarmas (jala neti, tratak, Nauli, Kapalabhati Shank-Prakshalana - on request.)

    Yoga practice: Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Acro Yoga, Yin Yoga. Meditation (dynamic, static, Japa)

    Schedule for the day:

    • 7:00‬ wake up and do Shatkarmas
    • ‪7:40‬ yoga
    • ‪9:00‬ free time, beach
    • ‪13:00‬ lunch ‪
    • 5:00‬ yoga ‪
    • 16:00‬ free time, beach ‪
    • 18:30‬ dinner ‪
    • 20:00‬ meditation

    There will also be organized meetings with interesting people who will lectures on yoga, health and nutrition. We also have a Master class on cooking syroedcheskih desserts. We can organise for you any touristic activities such as: island day trips, cabaret, fishing, elephants etc.

  • Transfers from Airport
    Accommodation at Villa
    Training of 2 x yoga, cleansing and meditation per day
    Food of 3 x main meals and juices per day
    10 day package 50000 baht
    15 day package 70000 baht
    21 day package 95000 baht
    30 day package 130000 baht

    This is for October and November
    December and January prices increase by 10%
    For additional we ?months can organize
    Cars c


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