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    Morning warm up asana set. 40 min full body workout

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    Yoga teacher: Veronika Tulaeva
    This asana set is very effective to warm up and make you feel full of energy. The workout increases your strength and flexibility. It is also effective for extra weight loss and figure correction. The routine activates immunity system, normalize blood pressure and your breath becomes more balanced that is very good for your heart, the life resource increases. You feel extra power.
    You can do the Morning waring-up asana set anytime of your day but it more effective in the morning time. After every training your body and mind becomes more perfect and balanced.
    If you are beginner, do every exercise carefully. After some time of regular training, you can repeat all the instructions.
    This complex can give you great results in case of regular training .
    Effective for both beginners and for advanced students.




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