• Morning yoga asana set for beginers. 24 min

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    This short morning asana set for beginners is very effective for those who decided to start to do yoga.

    The workout strengthens and works through all the body. Your strength and flexibility increase. The routine also works on the balance and capacity to manage your own body. The asana set helps you to burn extra fat and keep you in fit. It also corrects your spine and attitude and helps you to recover from back pain if you have one. The workout helps for weight loss and figure correction. Your body becomes more healthy and beautiful, your mind becomes calm, you start to feel extra energy and your efficiency increases.

    You can do the Morning asana set for beginners any time of your day but the maximum effect you can achieve in the morning time. After every training, your body and mind become more perfect and balanced.
    Do every exercise with caution. After some time of regular training, you can repeat all the instructions.
    This complex can give you great results after a rather short period!
    Effective for beginners.

    Good luck in your practice!




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