• Private yoga classes

  • Private yoga classes - is a type of training where the coach teaches one or two people.

    A convenient time and place of training is selected.

    These classes can take place:

    • with a certain regularity, that is several times per week;
    • practitioner from time to time chooses a personal training.

    Private classes are effective for both beginners and for more experienced practitioners.

    All the trainer's attention at these sessions is directed only to you.

    Training algorithm is also compiled according to your features and condition at the time, which has a positive effect on your individual progress.

    What does it mean?
    Your needed breathing rate and sequence of exercises (each one is built up and explained in detail by the coach) is selected.
    Your strengths and weaknesses, as well as injuries (sprains, hernias) and health problems, if any are taken into account.

    With this approach, you

    • effectively work out weak areas;
    • get a feeling of how to rebuild each position;
    • learn how to work with the breath, body and attention.

    The effectiveness of individual trainings also depends on the regularity of attendance.

    You can either train only individually or combine personal training with a group or your personal program.

    With a regular practice, success is inevitable.

    "Neither wearing special clothes, nor just talks give Sidhi - only practice". - Svatmarama. Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

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