• Yoga intensives

  • Yoga intensives (seminars) -  this is one or more intensive training for a limited period of time.

    One-day intensives - this is one intense exercise lasting 3-4 hours in a row.

    2 - 7 day intensives - it's one or two intensive training sessions a day for 1.5-2.5 hours for 2 - 6 days in a row.

    Such events allow to intensively work out all the body and the human energy structure in the short term.

    This increases the total energy density in the tissues and immunity, corrects weight, which contributes to the total harmonization of the current state of the practitioner. Consciousness becomes clearer and life tasks of the practitioner are solved more efficiently and more interesting. The man goes to the "next level" of practice and life.

    But it is worth considering that this type of training is a challenge for the practitioner. After all, to train several hours or even days in a row will be necessary. But if the practitioner does decide to take this step, the results won't keep him waiting.

    The syllabus is balanced. Dynamic modes, static modes, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and Energy dynamics techniques are alternated.
    Thus, the person receives the maximum training effect for a minimum period of time.

    Group and individual training, as well as classes on personal  programs are effective to combine with intensive. This combination gives the best results from the practice of yoga.

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