• How to begin yoga

  • You have decided to do yoga. How to begin?

    Often, a person who has decided to try to train for this system gone deeply into the ancient times does not know how to start the course and what to do at all.

    Here is a small guide:

    1. Choose the right type (direction) of yoga. This can be Yoga23, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Shadow yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hot yoga and others. If initially there is no understanding of what your style is, you can visit a number of different classes or, at least, to see the video of these styles and choose the most suitable option.
    2. Choose a trainer. Once you have decided on the destination, you need to decide who to go to take classes. Optimally, you have to attend classes of different coaches of selected style or, at least, watch their video, to see who suits you the most. You can choose two. My yoga video.

               If there are next to your place of residence not a big choice of trainers, then:

    • start to train with someone who is currently within reach;
    • start online training with the selected coach (for example using Skype).

         3. Select 2-3 days a week for training.

         4. Choose for yourself how you exercise - in a group or individually. You decide for yourself the most suitable way for you to train:

    • You are training in the group. Pick up for yourself comfortable days and time for regular group training, which is selected by coach
    • You train individually. Agree with the coach about individual sessions "live" or online at a convenient time for you.
    • You combine group lessons and private lessons.
    • Pick up for yourself comfortable days and the regular group and individual training, agree with the coach about individual sessions "live" or online at a convenient time for you.

         5. Buy a yoga mat or choose any litter for exercising.A mat will be more convenient.

         6. Clothing for employment should be comfortable, not hindrance. Shoes are not needed. It is best to train barefoot.

         7. Keep asking your coach  questions about training and exercise equipment.

    At any time you can choose another coach or direction of yoga, if you realize that at some point current classes do not suit you.


    Good luck in practice;) Do not be afraid to start!