• Why do yoga

  • Nowadays, yoga is becoming more popular. New yoga clubs open, the public is represented by quite a large range of activities under the direction of a greater number of coaches.

    Often, people who look everywhere at bright advertising with images of slender and beautiful women or men in various intricate and not very yoga poses with an invitation to a class, may have questions:

    "Actually, what is it all about? Why waste time and money on this kind of training?"
    "There's probably a stretch? And what is it for? Meditation? Probably one needs to sit in the lotus with eyes closed or something like that. Or maybe that's all you need for a certain enlightenment? what is all that stuff?"
    "It is better to relax after a hard day's work at home (in front of  TV or computer) or with friends ... There's no time for such studies, there are more pressing issues." And so on...

    I want to share own observations and observations of people training with me, about what can give hatha yoga exercises (in particular, the system Yoga23 of A.V. Sidersky) and the reason to waste your "precious" time and money on training by this system, which came to us through the millennia.

  •   So, what do we begin to feel after a workout? These are:

    - Wellness. Anyone who tried for himself at least one session may note that the overall tone of the body becomes much higher,  a surge of strength is felt and tiredness stops to be the normal state of the organism.

    - A burst of energy. Evenly balanced workouts are working on the entire body, combining exercises for balance, strength and stretching, breathing techniques and work with attention. Thus, yoga is one of the most efficient integrated (complex) algorithms of training.

    - Feeling improved health. Muscular and joints being worked, all body fluids and internal organs are optimized, causing aligned posture, normal blood pressure, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, urinary, endocrine and nervous systems. That is  all physical and energetic structure of the body is harmonized. Optimization of all processes occurring in the body, helps to ensure that congestion goes, the body is cleansed of toxins poisoning it.  Brain activity is improving.

    - Positive attitude. Anxieties become extremely rare or taper off, yielding a new way:

    - State of the joy of living in the present moment of time and space. Even if  failure or any adversity takes place, one begins to see more of these events, only extracting valuable lessons and applying them to oneself later. All this leads to the fact that he was leaving the hassle of mind and he finds:

    - A quiet mind. Thoughts become increasingly controlled more by the will than erratic emotional fluctuations. There is clarity and precision of thought. At the same time he realizes:

    - Ability to live here and now, while having an understanding of what to do at any given time. That is the person does not cling constantly to the experience of the past or anxiety about the future, and begins to feel the moment, to feel "taste" in every moment of life, realizing himself fully in the current space and time. In this case you have:

    - Organizing goals. Clear intentions. That is, we know what we want and how to come to this, we begin to see and even feel the way to realize of needed in the current situation tasks.

    And, perhaps, the most interesting are:

    - A man begins to reveal his creative potential, (more and more knowing himself) feeling all the colors of the world. That is we are not in the permanent bliss, sitting in the lotus at some great mountain, but really realize ourselves in life.

    And to live, breathing life deeply, worth once getting rid of being afraid to spread yoga mat and start practicing. ;)

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