• 22.09 - 30.09.2018 Yoga tour to Spain, Catalonia

    Location: SPAIN. CATALONIA.
    Tour dates: 22/09/2018 - 30/09/2018

    In September 2018, the already-traditional YOGA INTENSIVE-WORKSHOP (YOGA23 & YOGA23FIT methodics) will take place. We will have a beach house in the resort town of Malgrat de Mar. This is the only residential house in the most beautiful place, directly on the first line of the central beach!

    A large private area allows you to stay in the center of the beach and in complete silence! You can enjoy the night in a jacuzzi in the open air and watch the stars!

    All central shops and cafes are 100 meters from the house! The train station is in 5 minutes, a direct metro line  from the center of Barcelona and the Airport. Travel time is about 40 min. Limited number of participants! 10 people! Timely advance payment guarantees your participation! 5 bedrooms with the possibility of placing two people each! the house is rented for a fixed price, and the payment for housing will depend on the number of participants and the option of living single оr double!

  • Yoga program:

    • Warm-up and preparation techniques;
    • Yang-qigong - morning energy-dynamic practice, aimed to warm up the body and obtaining a charge of vivacity;
    • Breathing techniques - pranayama - as separate practice and included into the practice of asanas;
    • Asana sets in different modes of movements and breathing interconnection;
    • Work with attention;
    • Practice meditative breathing modes. Information or meditative modes are used for controlling the psycho-emotional sphere of a person.
    • Yoga nidra is a practice of deep conscious relaxation;
  • Tour program:
    22.09 - Arrival, accommodation;
    23.09 - Day of rest, walk around the town of Malgrat de Mar;
    24.09 - 29.09 - Intensive, two workouts in the morning and in the evening;
    30.09 - Departure. You can stay longer ;)

  • Event Price:
    250 euros - the cost is intense to 10.06.18;
    300 euros - from 01.06; 350 Euro - payment on the spot
    250 euro - ticket Moscow - Barcelona, ​​direct flight, 20 euro - transfer
    300 euros - the cost of living for one on average for a double accommodation.

    vero.tulaeva@gmail.com +7 (926) 302-46-51
    valeriyanovikova1@gmail.com +7 916 611 86 50

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