• 20.05 – 26.05.2019 Yoga Tour to Cyprus

  • 7-days Intensive Workshop in a fantastic place of Cyprus Island
    Workshop dates: 20.05.2019 – 26.05.2019
    Location: Cyprus, Aya Napa
    Yoga teachers: Tulaeva Veronika & Elina Zaimidou, two high qualified and experienced teachers.

    Our dear Yogis and Yoginis , save   the date and join us  20-05-19 to 26-05-19 in the Birthplace of the Ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite for Yoga Intensive Workshop with qualified yoga instructors Veronika Tulaeva and Elina Zaimidou. 

    So what we do suggest to you? 
    You may know that yoga awakes and brightens our bodies, our mind and soul. So, here we are to take you out from this stressful, full of expectations lifestyle and released you from any negative thoughts and whatever stops you to be happy. ;)

    We want to bring you to the state of strong, energized and peaceful body and peaceful soul at the same time.
    We will train for 7 days, morning and evening sessions. Also you can take 5 days (week program) or 2 days (weekend program). Two experienced coaches will run the practice. That will allow you to experience the principle of "maximum efficiency for a minimum period of time" and to reach a new level of practice.
    One more bonus: Ayurvedic treatments will also available for you!

  • Workshop Programme:
    Thick practice for 6 days training 2 training sessions a day for 2-2.5 hours (morning and evening)

    • Asana practice (yoga poses);
    • Breathing techniques;
    • Adjustments in asanas;
    • The combination of dynamic and static modes of practice;
    • Work on transitional movements;
    • Work with attention in asanas;
    • Deep conscious relaxation - Yoga Nidra
  • For whom: Intensive workshop algorithm is designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Classes are made on the principle of 'now-on-now"(adapting before each workout) in order to achieve maximum efficiency of its impact on the group.

  • The teachers

  • Veronika Tulaeva

    High Technical, Yoga teachers trainings 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,2018
    Yoga23 Trainer (yoga teacher, Yoga23 - special Hatha Yoga Methodics), World Yoga Alliance yoga teacher
    Swimming, dancing, skiing, piano, traveling, martial arts (judo, mma6 may thai), chess, web design, modeling
    Experience in practice of Hatha Yoga - more than 13 years.

  • Yoga teacher qualification: Yoga 23 Coach  - Y23 Senior Сoach (SC) (training programs for joint and tendon gymnastics I, II, III and IV stages Y23, and 6 stages of fit version, Basic and Advanced programs, one-time adaptation of "today for today" programs I, II, III and IV stages of Y23) Options: Short complex of dynamic workout (Ying Yang Qigong), warm-up complex (Dragon Tooth), warm-up complex (ZERO), warm-up complex (Web (Tornado)), warm-up complex (KREST (KREST FUS MAGNUM)), YOGA23FIT, Short complex purification respiratory workout (breath optimization exercises - BOEX).
    World Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher
    Some digits:
    More than 13 years of personal yoga practice;
    9 years of teaching;
    2900 group and personals classes;
    25 Yoga tours;
    Around 5000 hours of personal practice;
    500+ people have taken and are taking my group and personal yoga classes; 
    More than 1200 hours of Teacher trainings and Seminars.

  • Elina Zaimidou

    Greek yoga instructor Elina Zaimidou born in Georgia Tbilisi 1982 and raised in Greece . From 2007 her hometown is Larnaka Cyprus . She study music , distillery . Recently stop career in retail industry after 10 years and just start doing what she love more . Learning and sharing yoga She completed all requirements of 200 hour yoga teacher training and having demonstrated proficiency in Anatomy Core Hatha and Ashtanga Asanas, Pranayama Meditation and Communication Skills . Qualified Aerial Yoga Teacher and certified kids yoga teacher of model 1, 2, 3 All diplomats are recognized by World Yoga Alliance!

  • The number of participants is limited (up to 20 people).
    Desirable to have: Comfortable clothes for classes and a yoga mat, protective means against the sun.
    Prepayment guarantees your participation in the event.

  • Accommodation

    Tour price*

    10 nights 2 people
    Hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 1000 Euro
    Flight+hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 1522 Euro
    7 nights 2 people
    Hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 686 Euro
    Flight+hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 1160 Euro
    10 nights 1 person
    Hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 840 Euro
    Flight+hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 1050 Euro
    7 nights 1 person
    Hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 580 Euro
    Flight+hotel+transfer+insuarance+breakfast 810 Euro
    You can also choose a package with dinner (very tasty😋)
    *To book the tour you can pay just 30% from the full price first

    You also free to book flight and accomodation by yourself ;)

  • Workshop Price

    Whole 7 days program  320 euro if you pay before and 400 euro if you pay directly on place;
    5 days program 230 euro if you pay before and 270 euro on place;
    Weekend program (2 days) 130 euro if you pay before; and 150 euro on place.

  • Registration

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