• 18.01.2017-23.01.2017 Yoga intensive workshop in India, Kerala

  • Yoga teachers: Veronika Tulaeva & Valeriya Novikova
    Intensive Dates: 18/01/2017 - 23/01/2017
    Location: India, Kerala

  • We invite you to relax and do yoga in the state of Kerala in southern India, which is known as a tropical paradise with wonderful palm trees and the white sandy beaches. Of course! THe state is a narrow strip of coastal territory, which runs down to the Arabian Sea, forming lush green terraces. Mountains, coconuts, waves, spices, swimming, art - it is just a short list of what is good Kerala. In addition, it is also the most restful state in the country, and here perfectly get all kinds of religions and undertakings: Hindu temples side by side with mosques, Christian churches - with synagogues; wild ecotourism places with luxury Ayurvedic treatment resorts. Add to this virgin rainforests, beautiful high blue mountains and abnormal variety of hotels to suit every taste and budget - and you get the quintessence of a good holiday!  And, of course, the main thing - effective yoga workouts!;)

  • We will train 6 days, morning and evening sessions. Two experienced coaches will run the practice. that will allow to you to experience the principle of "maximum efficiency for a minimum period of time" and to reach a new level of practice. Ayurvedic treatments will also available for you.

  • In a Programme:
    Thick practice for 6 days training 2 training sessions a day for 2-2.5 hours (morning and evening)

    • Asana practice;
    • Breathing techniques;
    • The combination of dynamic and static modes of practice;
    • Work on transitional movements;
    • Work with attention in asanas;
    • Deep conscious relaxation - Yoga Nidra.

    Yoga Intensive Workshop cost: $ 350
    If paid before 01/01/2017 $ 300

    For whom: Intensive workshop algorithm is designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Classes are made on the principle of 'now-on-now "(adapting before each workout) in order to obtain maximum efficiency of its impact on the group.

  • The number of participants is limited (up to 20 people).
    Desirable to have: Loose clothes and a yoga mat, protective means against the sun.
    Prepayment guarantee your participation in the event.

    Veronica Tulaeva yoga trainer, phone: +7 (926) 302-46-51 vero.tulaeva@gmail.com
    Valery Novikov yoga trainer, phone: +7 (916) 611-86-50 valeriyanovikova1@gmail.com
    Irina Maksutova - our tour operator, phone: +7 (926) 229-39-72 iradukat@mail.ru